Best Entry Level Triathlon Wetsuits

There was a time when the only way for beginner triathletes to have access to good triathlon wetsuits was to rent.  It was just too hard […]

Triathlete Gift Ideas: 2015 Holiday Edition

Another holiday season is upon is, and one great thing about triathlon is that the holiday season also doubles as the beginning of a […]

Your First Triathlon Guide eBook

Triathlon Wetsuit Store is pleased to offer our Ebook, Your First Triathlon:  Do Your First Triathlon in 100 Days or Less.  The book is […]

Triathlon Bags Buying Guide and Recommendations

Triathlon bags, or transition packs as they are sometimes known, are a piece of triathlon gear that is not necessarily essential but can make […]

Brand Review: Xterra Tri Wetsuits

Xterra is a different kind of triathlon wetsuit company.  While most wetsuit brands are sold through a dealer network, Xterra wetsuits are only sold […]

Triathlon Shorts Buying Guide

Triathlon shorts are an essential part of a triathlon clothing wardrobe for any serious or beginning triathlete.  In any given triathlon, the majority of […]

Comparing the Best Stationary and Spinner Bikes

 Stationary bikes, or spinning bikes, can be an excellent alternative to road or trail riding for exercise enthusiasts or competitive athletes.  While there is […]

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    Triathlon Swim Course Tips for Race Directors and Lifeguards

Triathlon Swim Course Tips for Race Directors and Lifeguards

The team at the Triathlon Wetsuit Store not only competes in triathlons, but we are loyal race volunteers as well.  One of the important […]